Pool Fun With Swimways Spring Float

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I love the idea of a float to relax on in the pool but they are always so big and cumbersome and you have to empty your lungs to get it blown up so you don’t even feel relaxed by the time you lay on it. Then you have to deflate the whole thing because it’s too big to store, only to do it again the next time. That’s why we didn’t own a pool float big enough to lay on.

Swimways Pool Spring Float

Spring Float Review

Swimways sent me one of their Spring Floats to try out and when I saw how easily it collapses and that it didn’t need to be blown up as much as most, I couldn’t wait to try it out. It’s designed for ages 15 and up although my 7 and 8 year have been using it. I couldn’t find a reason on the website but I assume it’s because it’s designed for a larger body and so for younger ones, it bends on them a bit or doesn’t fit as comfortably because their bodies are smaller. Luckily our pool is only 30 inches high!

It comes in a little circular bag with straps just perfect for walking to the beach or to a neighbours pool so even if you don’t own your own pool, you can certainly still use it! It pops open when you take it out of the bag and then you just have to blow up two small spots that really doesn’t take much breath at all. It floats easily and can hold up to 250lbs!

Folding it back up is actually fun. When you are done, put it on the deck or lawn for a bit to let it drain the water it holds, then let it deflate and finally, fold it. Make sure it’s 100% dry before folding.

Demonstration of Swimways Spring Float Folding


The spring float is a float that has you partially submerged to keep cool and relax. Swimways sells other floats that keep you above water too if that’s what you prefer.

Disclosure: I or a member of my team received product to test and facilitate a review. All opinions are honest.

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