Top 17 Tips for Pregnant Travelers

For pregnant women, travel can be a bit more difficult than it would seem. However, there are plenty of precautions that you should take to ensure your safety while traveling or visiting other countries for trips; these tips will help keep the risks minimal and reduce any chances at all concerning potential side effects from… Read More »

Summer Travel Tips

Summer is officially here! The Summer Solstice was yesterday so if you haven’t already made Summer plans, get doing it! This post was sponsored by P&G. Affiliate links included © Viacheslav Baranov | Summer Travel Tips Take time to prep Dedicate time well before departure to plan your pack—yes plan. Check the weather forecast,… Read More »

REVIEW: Brugo Mug – Temperature Controlled Hot Beverage Travel Mug

Do you drink a lot of hot beverages like Coffee, Tea or even Hot Chocolate? Do you burn your tongue on the first sip and then half way through have to dump the rest because it’s gone cold? Not anymore! The Brugo Mug is a uniquely designed mug that controls the temperature of your hot… Read More »

Summer Pharmaceutical Guide

Summer is almost over but if you are planning one last trip before school starts back up, you may want to pick up the following items to have on hand. All of them would be of use even when it’s not Summer so you can get more than one use out of them! *Reviewing/Mentioning a… Read More »

Traveller’s Safety – Travel Faux Pas

© Flickr User Corey Ann. Used under Creative Commons. I’m not a traveller, mostly because I lack the funds but for those of you who might be travelling this holiday season, especially Canadians going to warmer locals, you should know this fact: 98 per cent of travellers make a food or water faux pas within… Read More »

[Guest Post] Amtrak California

*This post is by Sarah at Puss Reboots – check out her great book reviews!* If you live in California and want a low cost adventure for your family, try taking the train. Different routes run special promotions that can significantly cut the cost of travel. For example, the Capitol Corridor that runs from San… Read More »