Traveller’s Safety – Travel Faux Pas

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I’m not a traveller, mostly because I lack the funds but for those of you who might be travelling this holiday season, especially Canadians going to warmer locals, you should know this fact:
98 per cent of travellers make a food or water faux pas within their first 72 hours of vacation.  

You don’t have to be backpacking in some remote country to drink or eat something that’s contaminated. Here are some tips that were sent to me that I think are quite helpful:

§ Drink commercially bottled water, soft drinks, bottled fruit juice, alcoholic beverages without ice and hot beverages
§ Drink pasteurized, properly refrigerated milk and dairy products
§ Eat fruits and vegetables that are freshly peeled or cooked
§ Eat foods that are recently cooked and served piping hot
§ Consult with your health care professional about taking DukORAL for protection against Travellers’ Diarrhea; ViVAXIM for protection against Hepatitis A and Typhoid Fever, and other travel-related health precautions

§  Drink tap water or use ice cubes
§  Eat fruits that don’t need peeling
§  Eat uncooked vegetables or salads
§  Eat raw or undercooked meat, fish and shellfish
§  Eat or drink unpasteurized or unrefrigerated dairy products
§  Eat foods sold by street vendors

If you are Canadian, you may be interested in visiting a new resource at where you can get information about travel health, join a discussion about some of their own travel health follies and take a short quiz for a chance to win a $2,000.00 CND vacation gift certificate through Sunwing.  

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