Plasma Globe #CRHGG20

Got a budding scientist tween or teen? Consider a Plasma Globe from HorizonGroupUSA. Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this post. This post also contains affiliate links. What is a Plasma Globe? Experience electricity at your fingertips with the Discovery Plasma Globe! Simply touch the Plasma Globe to create an interactive light show as… Read More »

Ranger Rob Loves Earth Day

Ranger Rob is a kids cartoon from Treehouse (CAN) and Universal Kids (US) and he really cares about the Earth. April is Earth Month and April 22 is Earth Day and Ranger Rob and his friends want me to share his Earth-Saving Tips and some ideas to celebrate Earth Day. The show is for kids… Read More »

*Unboxing* Kitten Catfe Toys from Jakks Pacific #KittenCatfe

My daughter Aria loves the new trend of toys that have blind bags so you don’t know exactly what you have until you open it all up. She loves the surprise she gets when she finally has everything all opened up. We recently were introduced to a new kind from Jakks Pacific called Kitten Catfe… Read More »

Foam Alive and Stretchy Sand

Incredible Novelties has two products they think your kids will love: Foam Alive and Stretchy Sand. Disclosure: We received product in exchange for a post. Affiliate links included. Foam Alive Foam Alive is a soft, squishy foam that you can play with without getting all messy, sticky or wet. Best of all, it’s not hard… Read More »

Easter Goodies from Jakks

If you don’t have everything crossed off your Easter list yet may I suggest some of these toys from Jakks Pacific as great easter basket goodies? Disclosure: We received samples of these goodies in exchange for this post. Easter Goodies from Jakks Consider these additions: Harry Potter die-cast replica wands. These collectible wands are only… Read More »

Massive Monster Mayhem

Do your kids watch Massive Monster Mayhem? If so (or they just like to play fight,) I’ve got some toys your kids are going to want. I received these toys in exchange for this post. Contains affiliate links. What is Massive Monster Mayhem? Massive Monster Mayhem is the ultimate action-packed adventure game show starring the… Read More »

Ooz-o’s Slimy Spheres #Oozos

If your kids like to experiment and get messy, Ooz-o’s Slimy Spheres are perfect. They come in multiple varieties so you can pick which one is best for your kids. Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this post. Contains affiliate links. Ooz-o’s Slimy Spheres Pick your type and then follow the instructions to make… Read More »

JigglyDoos Collectible Squishy Toys

Collectible toys seem to be all the rage right now. There are tons of brands that make toys that encourage you to buy more so you can collect them all. The one I want to tell you about today are called Jigglydoos. Disclosure: I received some Jigglydoos in exchange for this post. Contains affiliate links.… Read More »

Disney Frozen Singing Traditions Elsa Doll

If your child is a fan of Disney’s Frozen she will love this Disney Frozen Singing Traditions Elsa Doll. Disclosure: I received this toy in exchange for this post. Contains affiliate links. Disney’s Frozen Singing Traditions Elsa Doll New from Jakks Pacific, this doll will help your child pretend they are in the Frozen world… Read More »

Fancy Nancy French Phone

Inspired by the tv show Fancy Nancy on Disney Jr, Jaaks Pacific has a line of Fancy Nancy toys including a Fancy Nancy French Phone. Disclosure: We received a phone in exchange for this post. This post contains affiliate links. Fancy Nancy French Phone This cute phone is perfect for children ages 3+, whether they… Read More »