Animal Tracks Game #CRHGG20

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If you have a child who loves learning about animals, consider this Animal Tracks Game from HorizonGroupUSA.

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this post.

Animal Tracks Game from HorizonGroupUSA - play 3 ways!

Animal Tracks

There are cards with animals on them and cards with tracks on them. You can play three different games to learn and have fun.

Concentration – put them all face down and see if you can match tracks and animals. Turn two over and try to match. If it doesn’t match, turn them back over and try again. Try to memorize where each card is so you can find matches.

Bingo – Put 9-25 animal tracks down in rows like a bingo card. Flip up an animal card and see if it matches what you have. If it does, place it face down on top. Keep going and see if you can get a Bingo!

Guessing Game – Hold another card over the animal name on the animal tracks and guess which animal they come from. Then see if you are right! How many can you guess?

The game doesn’t seem to be available on Amazon but I found it at Staples Canada. So search your favourite store.

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