Hamilton Beach Blend Now Portable Cordless Blender

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Do you want to be able to make smoothies or milkshakes easily without always having to plug in or have to pour your drink into another cup?

The Hamilton Beach Blend Now Portable Cordless Blender allows you to do that in a few different ways.

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this review.

A review of the Hamilton Beach Blend Now Portable Cordless Blender

Hamilton Beach Blend Now Portable Cordless Blender

This blender is light, portable, cordless and easy to use. You charge it first and then it’s ready to use. Add your ingredients, add the mixer base and flip it upside down to use. Once charged it should last 28 drinks before needing to be charged again. How long it takes to charge depends on your charger but a typical gauge would be 4 hours.

The jar is shatterproof and 16oz so big enough for most drinks but small enough to be comfortable to hold. Did I mention when you’re done mixing you just take off mixing base and add lid and you’re good to go? Besides smoothies and milkshakes you can make dressings, sauces and even baby food. Do NOT blend hot ingredients though, very dangerous!

It’s easy to clean too. When you’re done drinking, take the lid off, add a little water and soap and add the base back on. Turn upside down and blend for 30 seconds to clean the cup and blades. Rinse carefully.

Orange Banana Vanilla Shake

Not sure what to make? The instructions include a few simple recipes to try. Here’s a combination my husband stumbled upon if you want a treat more than a healthy shake.

  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Orange Pop
  • Banana

I don’t have amounts but add what you think and blend for a delicious orange banana shake.

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