Woof Pack Dog Subscription Box

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Looking for a gift idea for your dog? If you live in Canada, try Woof Pack, a monthly subscription box for your dog. They send toys and treats that are different each month.

Disclosure: I received a box in exchange for review.

Woof Pack Subscription Box

We were sent a few items from the December box to test out. My dog Kratos (14!) absolutely loves his “Gingy” gingerbread man toy from the box. He was so excited for him that we couldn’t get a photo that wasn’t a little blurry.

Woof Pack Monthly Subscription Box for Dogs

The treats we received didn’t go over as well but every dog has different tastes. He probably would have eaten the pork ones if he wasn’t allergic. Plus his teeth aren’t in great shape. He LOVES the toys they send though. This time around we received herring treats, pork air balls and a cinnamon stick.

Woof Pack Monthly Subscription Box for Dogs

Besides Gingy he also received another toy that is like two in one. It’s a holiday candy in a bag. It’s super cute but we’re encouraging him to play with his gingerbread man more so he’ll have another toy when his gingerbread man eventually goes to toy heaven.

I can just see that if a dog were to get a box every month he might recognize that mail is for him and go crazy to open it.

Woof Pack Monthly Subscription Box for Dogs

If your dog deserves new treats and toys every month, check out Woof Pack.

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