Learning With Fluxx Games

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Have you heard of the Fluxx games? They are a series of card games by Looney Labs all with a different theme. We tried out Astronomy and Anatomy Fluxx but there is also Doctor Who, Marvel, Chemistry, Camping, Holiday, Math and many more including original Fluxx.

Disclosure: We received these games in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Learning With Fluxx Games - Astronomy and Anatomy Fluxx

Learning with Fluxx Games

With that many Fluxx Game topics, you can make learning fun with any of them. Learn about a topic and then pull out the corresponding Fluxx game to have a different kind of review. Or use the game to teach.

We played Astronomy Fluxx to learn how to use the game. It took a little learning to understand it. However once you understand one Fluxx Game you understand the basics of all of them. Certain games may have different types of cards but the game play is similar.

Learning With Fluxx Games - Astronomy and Anatomy Fluxx

Above shows some of the cards from the Astronomy set. There are keepers which you play in front of you, goals which tell you which keepers you are looking to have to win and rules which change the rules of the game. There are also action cards which keep the game fresh. As you can see in the Astronomy set, each of the cards is an astronomy theme.

Learning With Fluxx Games - Astronomy and Anatomy Fluxx

The above image shows what a game might look like. Your keepers that you have played are in front of you, the draw and discard piles go in the middle, the current goal card is in the middle as well and the basic rule card with any added rules are visible to all players. You of course have cards in your hands as well.

The game comes with clear instructions and we fairly quickly figured out what to do.

Now that we know how to play, I’m eager to try the Anatomy Fluxx game with the kids. Two of my three kids are currently learning Anatomy and the other one already has. So this will be a good game for this school year. However these games can absolutely be played as a family just for fun as well.

Learning With Fluxx Games - Astronomy and Anatomy Fluxx

The above photo is cards from the Anatomy Fluxx game. You can see they have mostly the same types of cards like Keepers, Actions, Rules and Goals with the addition of a few extra cards not in the other game.

You can see the other Fluxx versions and other games from Looney Labs at their website.

Buy Any Fluxx Game from Amazon.com or your local game store.

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