Family Games from Foxmind Games #FoxmindFamilyFun

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Looking for some fun games you can play that also work your brain? Foxmind Games has lots of family games available and I am going to share three games with you.

Disclosure: We received games in exchange for this post.

Family Games from Foxmind Games

Check out these three games and more at Foxmind.

By The Book

By The Book is a novel stacking puzzle for ages 8+ for one player. You can however play with others by taking turns. It takes 10 minutes or less and the puzzles come in a range from easy to “hard.” I say that because even the absolute hardest puzzle was simple for me. So though it says 8+ it’s more for kids and teens.

By The Book - a novel stacking puzzle from Foxmind Games

So what do you do? The card tells you what books you use, if you need the cat, and in later puzzles, any requirements such as a number of books that must be horizontal. The cat always needs to be between two books.

You have to put the books (and sometimes cat) on the bookshelf so that it’s level. Once you think you have it level you use the included flower pot level to see if you completed the puzzle well.

By The Book - a novel stacking puzzle from Foxmind Games

Smart Cookies

Smart Cookies is a brain game puzzle for one player ages 6+. It has tons of levels though so even the adults had fun with it.

You use the included booklet to pick a level and then work through the puzzles in that level after reviewing the notes. You use the clues to work out where each cookie goes on the tray.

Smart Cookies - a puzzle game from Foxmind Games

You use the clues shown above (and others not pictured) to figure out where the pieces go. There is only one right answer for this game and answers are included so you can check your work.

An X means the piece cannot go there. A checkmark means the piece must go there. If it just shows a colour, any piece of that colour can go there. If it just shows a shape, any piece that shape can go there. That sort of thing. Each level gets progressively harder.

Speedy Words

Speedy Words is for 2-6 players ages 8+ and is obviously a word game. On one side of the card are categories while the other side has letters in different colours.

You flip over a card and reveal the category. Whatever colour the category is, you use the letter of the same colour from the card you flipped over. You call out a word in that category and starting with that letter to win the card. Person with the most cards wins.

Speedy Words - a word game from Foxmind Games

The included card tells you what category is what. I suggest you keep it handy until you have them memorized. Otherwise you just use the card piles. Simple to set up. If I had just flipped the card over, we would all try to shout out a food that starts with S. Why? Food is the category face up and it’s blue. The S on the other card is blue. What if no one can shout out an answer? After a time, if no one can give an answer, flip another card and continue. Whoever wins that card gets the card under it as well.

Other Games

Foxmind has many other games available too for all ages and of all types. Check them out. There are multiple options to purchase the games but they should also be available at Toys R US, Indigo and Party City.

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