Top 3 Necklaces for Women

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Are you looking for necklaces as a gift idea for someone special? Or perhaps it is for yourself? Here are my Top 3 Necklaces for Women from gold chain to crystal pendant. Which would you pick for yourself? Which would you pick for a friend?

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Top 3 Necklaces for Women

Gold Chain Necklace

Aurate has some beautiful gold chain necklaces you should consider. From just chains to lockets like the one shown below, there is a selection for everyone. Prices range but tend to be on the higher end because of their higher quality. Each necklace is shown up close and on a model like below. This helps you decide how it would look on you. They sell other jewelry too if you want something to go with the necklace.

Herringbone Necklace

This Freekiss Herringbone necklace is a beautiful silver necklace that looks like you’re wearing multiple necklaces at once. Some twisted, some flat, some straight. It’s a very unique look that would look good on any neck.

Crystal Necklace

This weryerker Crystal necklace is a good choice for the women who is more natural or prefers cord to chains. It comes in different coloured crystals. There are different styles so you can pick what would be best for your giftee.

How to Choose

Having trouble choosing a necklace? Make sure you think about who your giftee is first. Does she like silver, gold or cord necklaces more? What do you see her wearing most often? If you haven’t noticed necklaces, think earrings. Does she wear gold or silver earrings? Go with the gold or silver necklace. Not usually wearing earrings? Try the corded crystal necklace.

How to Present

If the gift comes in a bag or box already, perfect! Most of them do. If your gift is for a holidays or special occasion, than it comes easy. If your gift is just because, wait for the perfect time. Do something special together and when it seems like the right moment, it probably is. You’ll know.

So get to choosing and present the woman in your life with the perfect necklace.

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