Literature Designed as Fun

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Have you ever tried to read Shakespeare or other books from the 1800s? They are hard to read but are great literature too. Perhaps you took Shakespeare in highschool or college but couldn’t understand what you were reading. Or perhaps you are an adult and have always wanted to read early classics but were intimidated.

*I received two of these books in exchange for an honest review.

The Literature Disguised as Fun books by ARTK12

The Literature Disguised as Fun books by ARTK12 are designed to make reading early classic literature educational, easier and fun!

You can find such classics as A Christmas Carol, Frankenstein, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Selected Poems by Emily Dickinson, The Red Badge of Courage and The Bet. You can see the whole selection here.

The books contain the following:

  • pre-flight & wrap up to read before and after the text
  • the full text of the book
  • discussion questions
  • quotes
  • memes
  • additional reading suggestions
  • and more

The Midsummer Night’s Dream one also has tips for understanding and enjoying Shakespeare. You can see sample pages on the individual pages for each book.

These are great for homeschool, school and personal study. They have art and geography resources too.

Buy from the website and tell them Callista’s Ramblings sent you!

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