Draw Canada (and Greenland)

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Learning about Canada? Ever tried to draw Canada (and Greenland) but couldn’t get the shape right? This book by ARTK12 will guide you step by step. Keep reading to find out more.

Draw Canada and Greenland ARTK12.com

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Draw Canada and Greenland is part of the Draw the World series from ArtK12.com. The books guide you step by step through drawing all the continents around the world.

There is a sample page from the Draw Canada book below but you can see more on the page for the product.

You can draw Canada on it’s own or connect it to your drawing of the USA if you have a big enough paper. Alternatively you can download a pdf on the website of the top bit of the USA so you can connect your drawing.

The book has you draw each of those many, many islands in Canada and label the ones big enough to label. See the sample page below and then buy Draw Canada and Greenland from Amazon.com or ARTK12.com

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