Time Capsule

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Looking for a fun activity for ages 8+? Want some memories to look back on when they are older? Time Capsule is from Katie Clemons Let’s Celebrate Your Story line. It’s a fun way for your child to keep track of where they are at in their life right now. They just have to be able to write (or you could write it for them to allow younger children to participate.)

Time Capsule is from Katie Clemons Let's Celebrate Your Story

Summary: A unique journal to help children and teens discover how mighty their own stories can be! The perfect graduation gift book!

As we get older, sometimes we can forget the details that make up our lives―from everyday things like what we ate for dinner, to the games we played and dreams we nurtured. With this engaging time capsule journal, kids can record awesome adventures, achievements, and activities so they are captured for all time.

Writing prompts will inspire kids to write and doodle stories―both serious and silly―as a way to reflect on their past, savor the present, and dream for the future. Pages also include places for adding photographs and memorabilia. Master story-catcher Katie Clemons will help children assemble the perfect treasure chest of their youth―their own unique story!

Prompts include moments like:

  • How to convince my parents I need an awesome …
  • I don’t like to clean the…
  • I always remember…
  • I could spend the whole summer doing nothing but…
  • The best time to help with chores is…

A perfect journal if you are looking for:

  • memorable graduation gifts!
  • homeschool supplies for remote learning!
  • meaningful activity kits for kids!
  • fun writing prompts for kids and teens!

Time Capsule

The book starts off with instructions such as giving yourself permission to mark up the pages or going out of order. You are told to write with authenticity and collect mementos.

There are all kinds of types of pages including fill in the blanks, open shapes to write in, checklists, open ended prompts, spots to trace and more.

Any page that’s designed for drawing on has a dot grid like in a bullet journal. The book is a fun way to learn more about yourself (or your child if they share with you) and keep it till they are older.

At the end of the book are instructions to put your journal in a sealed envelope and put a sign on it (provided) saying not to open it till a specified date. Then you draw a map to where you hid it and keep the map.

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