Spelling Through Phonics

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Do you want to know more about how spelling is learned and what phonics has to do with it? Perhaps you are a teacher or homeschooling parent who is looking for help teaching your students to spell. Spelling Through Phonics by The McCrackens (40th Anniversary Edition) is a simple and straightforward guide.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

Spelling Through Phonics by The McCrackens (40th Anniversary Edition)

This book may be old originally but it’s simple guide to teaching spelling is good for those who don’t want bells and whistles and just want the basics. The book starts with an introduction to the program.

Following that is a chapter about what should be learned in Kindergarten to prepare the mind for spelling. Chapter three is the first weeks of Grade 1 and then the next two chapters are about learning and practicing and reacting to children’s writing. The reacting section is really good and directs you with what to say when they show you their writing. You want your comments to be helpful and encouraging.

The final chapter is for spelling dictation information and lists for grades 1-3. There is also an appendix with a spelling checklist for each grade and some other resources.

Although the book is designed for Kindergarten-grade 3 and my child who struggles with spelling is going into grade 4, this was still a little helpful. I haven’t decided yet if I want to use a curriculum for spelling or just teach it myself but if I do the latter, this book will come in handy. I can use it to figure out which phonics patterns she can read but not spell.

I do recommend though that you start with reading this book if your child or students are in Kindergarten or grade 1.

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