Learning Music with Twinkl

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Looking for learning music resources for your school or homeschool? Twinkl has many different resources from worksheets to powerpoint slideshows. Here are some options for learning music with Twinkl

Learning Music with Twinkl

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Learning Music with Twinkl

Music has sub categories such as reading music, playing music and listening to/appreciating music. I will divide these resources by these categories.

Reading Music

Musical Notes Spelling Activity

Colour by Music Notation Symbol

Musical Notation Cards

How to Draw a Treble Clef

Playing Music

An Introduction To Music Pack

Orchestra Instrument Worksheets

The Classical Orchestra Music Worksheet

Compose a Piece of Music

Listening to Music

Responding to Music Choice Board

Influential Black Musicians

Listening to Music for Detail

The History of Music

Have fun learning music with Twinkl!

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