Starting Our Homeschool Journey

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We recently decided to start homeschooling most of our children. Our reasons are varied but include a dislike of how public schools are run, children who are ahead and bored at school and unique needs that need addressing.

Starting Our Homeschooling Journey

Starting Our Homeschool Journey

I technically homeschooled preschool way back when my two older girls were young. I was going to homeschool Kindergarten and then see how it went. However we ultimately ended up sending them to school because of my mental health and chronic migraines.

Circumstances have recently had us rethinking homeschooling and ultimately we decided to give it a try at least for the rest of the year. I see us homeschooling longer though, at least for the younger ones. So I did lots of homeschooling research when my kids were young so I didn’t start with no knowledge.

Finding Support

I was lucky to start just as a wonderful Homeschooling Online Conference was happening so I got lots more ideas and support. The conference is done but the blogger who started it has a wonderful site for Canadians especially. More on my recommended resources below.

I also joined a LOT of Facebook groups on homeschooling from broad subjects like homeschooling in general, to more specific groups such as local groups, homeschooling kids with ADHD, homeschooling teens or secular eclectic homeschooling.

Do you homeschool?

If you homeschool please tell me in the comments. If you have a blog or social media that shares your homeschooling journey or ideas, please share! I’ve been subscribing to blogs like crazy.

My Recommended Homeschool Resources

The Canadian Homeschooler – the blog that runs the online conference. I knew her as a fellow blogger for years. So when I decided to homeschool, I went straight to her blog.

S and D Academy – OMG the resources! They are all free and include full workbooks and eBooks plus so much more. Definitely join their Facebook group too!

TeachersPayTeachers – despite the name, there are a TON of free resources on here. I do not pay for anything. You just need a free account to download.

It’s Not That Hard to Homeschool Highschool Facebook Group – this is a great one if you have highschoolers that you homeschool.

Secular, Eclectic, Academic Homeschoolers – This is a good one for Secular and Eclectic homeschooling famillies. Very busy.

If you homeschool, please introduce yourself! Hope these resources help. Expect more homeschooling posts in the future.

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