Paw Patrol Wall Stories

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Do you have a Paw Patrol fan in your house? Check out this Paw Patrol Wall Stories decal which uses augmented reality (AR) through an app to let your child play. There are other versions too.

Disclosure: We received the product in exchange for an honest review.

Paw Patrol Wall Stories - decals for your wall that come to life with the Wall Stories App.

Paw Patrol Wall Stories

You place the decals on a clean wall in the order and spots given, download the Wall Stories App and then get started! All your child has to do is scan the wall with the app to get access to three different games.

Modes of Play

Story Mode allows your children to read along with Paw Patrol stories using a smart device and the app. Every story can be read or listened to in English or French!

Game Mode encourages educational play with games on the smart device. Each game is themed based on the aesthetic of the wall decal and includes 3 levels of difficulty for those who want an engaging experience.

Creative Mode gives children the freedom to virtually personalize their rooms through the Wall Stories app’s interactive augmented reality. In Creative Mode, children can design and create their own space for play!


The games would work best on a tablet but my daughter played it on a phone and it worked fine. It’s just smaller. My daughter is 7 so although she still like Paw Patrol she found the games too easy. I recommend ages 3-6.

I think it’s a cute idea although I will admit I had a little trouble getting it on the wall. You have to be patient and peel them off slowly and if it starts ripping, peel a different way. I put all the big pieces on and then let my child add the confetti pieces because it doesn’t matter where those go. There are more than shown above, she didn’t put them all up.

After you get them all in place, there is a code in the box for when you download the app to make it work. This is to show that you bought the product.

Check out the Wall Stories website to see what other designs are available.

You can find Wall Stories decals at, and Canadian Tire.

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