Family Guide To Oral Health

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Description:  We know that it is essential to take care of our teeth and to see dentists regularly. However, because of the COVID – 19 making an appointment can sometimes be challenging, unless in case of an emergency! In these times when yours and the oral health of your kids depends mainly on you, it is critical to have all information about adequate care!  

Family Guide to Oral Health

This is a guest post by Jimmy.

Are you struggling to make your child brush their teeth? No matter what strategies you use – begging, promising gifts, explaining, arguing – nothing works! They simply don’t negotiate – they clamp their jaw shut, and there is no way you can come near them with the toothbrush and kids toothpaste. Sounds familiar? 

Well, the comforting thing can be that you are far from being the only parent faced with this situation. Some, or it’s better to say, most kids systematically refuse to brush their teeth, at some point in their lives. But, this doesn’t mean you should let them win. We talked with dentists and parents to understand what can be the reason for refusing to develop oral health routine and how to help children learn to take good care of their oral health. 

Importance of Oral Health

Are you among those people who think that skipping regular teeth brushing once in a while isn’t such a big deal? Okay, let’s start by seeing why is oral health important in the first place! While it is indeed true that disaster won’t hit if you come home drunk and fall in bed without brushing your teeth once. But if this happens more often, it may have long-term consequences.  The fact is that poor oral health can lead to halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. Besides that, some studies link the absence of oral hygiene and the development of cardiovascular problems, cancer, and diabetes. First cavities can appear in very young children, so it is important to begin taking care of oral health as soon as first teeth emerge.

How to Take Care of Your Kid’s Oral Health

Four Months 

It sounds incredible, but some babies are born with teeth. In this case, you should start doing everything to ensure good oral health from the beginning. However, most of them start teething between four and six months of age. This period can be challenging for some babies because it comes with fussiness, a need to chew on things, slightly elevated temperature, etc. Cold chewables can help alleviate some of the symptoms. It is when you should consider starting using systemic fluoride as it is exceptionally effective in the prevention of caries in young kids. Fluoride can generally be found in water that most of us have in our homes. However, you need to check the levels of it in the water – if they are low, you might need to use supplements.

Six Months to One Year 

When your children turn six months of age, you should start applying topical fluoride, i.e toothpaste, along with systemic fluoride. It is necessary to use a super soft, small toothbrush. You should put on a little amount of toothpaste and brush your baby’s teeth twice a day.  At six months, a baby’s bones are still pretty fragile, you need to sit behind your kid and brush their teeth while supporting the head. Kids can spit excess toothpaste, but keep in mind that it is better not to rinse because remaining fluoride can help with the prevention of caries.

Final Word

Your kid should have developed oral health habits by the time they turn one year old. That also means that regular dental checkups should be performed during each visit. When kids turn two, they usually start rebelling against brushing teeth, but you have to be clear and determined. Make sure to help them and monitor that they do it properly for as long as it takes. How do you manage your kids’ oral hygiene? 

Author’s bio: Experience matters a lot. Jimmy Maysa is a proud daddy with 3 kids: 1- month- old boy, two girls 2 and 5 years old, respectively. Prior to the birth of his first kid, he acquired the knowledge himself about every product category that suits little children and even his pregnant wife. Now with his life experience, he can suggest the perfect things to be bought for your new bundle of joy.  

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