You’re Pulling My Leg!

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Are you looking for a game you can play virtually while you limit the people you see in person? How about a game that can help you get to know the person you are dating or a new friend better? You’re Pulling My Leg may be the one you are looking for.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this game to try out. Affiliate links included.

You’re Pulling My Leg is “The Ultimate Storytelling Game” by Allen Wolf. It comes as a book, with all the information you need for the game in the book. That makes it easy to bring it some place and easy to play virtually.

You're Pulling My Leg is "The Ultimate Storytelling Game" by Allen Wolf.

About You’re Pulling My Leg

The game has an interesting history:

“You’re Pulling My Leg! was originally created as a gift for two friends who were dating. They eventually got married, and You’re Pulling My Leg! was turned into a card game to help more people build strong relationships with others.”

The game was recently changed into this book version and has received multiple awards. Although I received the adult version (ages 13+) there is a kid’s version too (Junior) which would be good for distance learning in school or even for youth groups (virtually or in person.)

The game has you telling things like: someone to whom you were once attracted to, a time when you forgot to do something, one of your favourite childhood memories, something you have done that was daring, someone from your childhood who was a bully, a good memory involving a pet, one of the longest conversations you have had or one of your favourite sandwiches.

There 225 “cards” in the book and each has 2 or 3 on it so there are LOTS of stories to tell. Depending on your dice roll, you either tell a TRUE story or a FALSE story and everyone else has to guess if your story is true or not.

I’ll be posting a review of the game on soon.


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