Make a Craft for International Kindness Day #SuperMightyMovement

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What better way to celebrate International Kindness Day (November 13) than to make a craft for someone special (or a stranger!)

My 4 year old daughter made a craft for her Grandpa for Kindness Day in collaboration with The Super Mighty Makers.

Make a Craft for International Kindness Day

Below I’ll show you an awesome craft you can make for someone you love. But don’t discount the idea of doing something kind for your neighbours or strangers too. As a kid I made 50 kindness notes and attached a fake rose to each and dropped them off in mailboxes on my way to school early in the morning. I hope I made a few people smile that day.

What are The Super Mighty Makers?

The Super Mighty Makers is a show for kids on TVOKids which you can find on Saturdays at 10:30 A.M. ET.

“The Super Mighty Makers area team of kid superheroes with special D.I.Y. powers that help friends spread kindness with perfect one-of-a-kind crafts in fun new maker missions in each episode. From making a new student in school feel welcome, to cheering up a friend with a broken leg or creating a care package for an elderly neighbour, kids are inspired to save the day with cool crafts, creativity and kindness.”

Rainbow Craft

We were sent this rainbow craft to make for a special someone. It’s very simple so you could make one too. You’ll need a picture frame, white and coloured paper, a glue stick, a marker and glitter is optional.

Think of the person you want to make the craft for and write 6 things you like about that person. We learned the hard way that you don’t want to have your writing go from end to end as part of it got cut off in the end so write smaller than we did.

Step one to make a kindness day craft is to write what you like about the person on coloured papers.

Glue them to a piece of paper or cardstock with the cloud which you should outline in marker like we did. Add glitter if you want and the words on the cloud.

Deliver to your loved one!

Assemble your kindness craft and put it into the frame. Deliver to your loved one!


Closeup of our kindness craft

Thank you to The Super Mighty Makers for this craft idea. Check out there show for more ideas on crafting for kindness.


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