9 Stress-Busting Techniques for a Healthy Mind and Body

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Everyone deals with stress at one time or another in their life. That’s why I’m thankful for this guest post from Mianna K about stress-busting techniques.

9 Stress Busting Techniques for a Healthy Mind and Body

9 Stress-Busting Techniques for a Healthy Mind and Body

It’s impossible to avoid stress in our lives, but there are ways to deal with it so that it doesn’t affect our well-being. Your phone isn’t the only one that needs to be recharged every day, so here are some tips on how to work towards being healthier and happier by de-stressing and reloading on a daily basis.

1. Incorporate “Me Time” into Your Schedule

Incoporate Me Time Into Your Schedule

We often need to be reminded that it is important to put ourselves first. We always take care of others and in the process forget our own needs. Trying to be so selfless can burn you out. To guide yourself towards a healthier mind and body, you need to incorporate daily self-care into your life. Start by finding a hobby that will relax you that has elements of self-development, like painting or tai chi.

2. Sleep

If you want to increase productivity and brain power, then you need to stock up on sleep. You won’t be able to perform properly in life without a good night’s rest. When you are sleep deprived, you are also less able to resist getting ill. If you need more time in the day to finish your tasks, instead of cutting down on sleep, try sleeping more. It’s a healthier choice that will give you more energy to finish all your chores faster.

3. Learn to Breathe

Learn to Breathe (Stress Busting Technique #3)

You can’t do the bare minimum to survive when it comes to breathing either. That means that at some point you have to slow down and actually put your focus on breathing properly. Either between phone calls or in your car after work, take a moment to reset. Centre yourself by inhaling and exhaling deeply several times.

4. Change Your Perspective

Rerouting your view from your computer screen to the window can make a world of a difference. Allow your eyes to take a break and experience some daylight. If you don’t have time to go outside right now, just stand up, walk over to your window and watch the clouds for a minute. Every little bit helps our nervous system.

5. Get Moving

Get Moving (Stress Busting Technique #5)

Being stuck at the office all day can leave you feeling blocked. Humans are creatures that need movement on a daily basis to function properly, so introduce some physical activity into your life as soon as possible. Consider getting yourself a bicycle which you can drive to work on your own, or around the park with friends. You can even find some great electric bikes if you also like the idea of turning your commute into a fun activity. These bikes can simply help you pedal easier and flatten those uphills if you’re less into rigorous exercise and more into meditating and socialising while you cruise around. As an added bonus, you will spend time in nature and notice an immediate change in your mental health. Not to mention the good it does for your heart and lungs!

6. Draw a Line Between Work and Private Life

You can’t be available to your boss 24 hours a day, nor should you be. The reasonable thing to do is to set some boundaries. Decide that you will not be checking your e-mail after a certain hour or chose not to answer any phone calls during family time.

7. Reorganise and Restructure

Reorganise and Restructure (Stress Busting Technique #7)

Clutter equals stress because a cluttered space creates a cluttered mind. Don’t be a hoarder. Go through your closet, your drawers and any place you use to store away all those little things you think you might need someday – like five pieces of tangled-up headphones. Accept that you are probably never going to use anything you haven’t touched in over a year and throw it away. Reorganise your home to restructure your mind. Make room, whether it is for new things or for the sake of room itself.

8. Wakeup Earlier

Try to wake up a little earlier each day – even fifteen minutes. Getting rest is important but getting ready in a calm way is game-changing. Give yourself time to go through your morning routine without a rush. That way you will set a stress-free tone for the entire day.

9. Consume More Magnesium

Magnesium is great at improving brain health and it’s also successful at helping people reduce anxiety. Find a snack you enjoy that is a good source of magnesium and try to include it in your daily diet. Most bags of nuts, such as almonds and cashews, are great options.


There are things all around us that trigger our nervous system – at the office, in traffic and sometimes even at home. Recognise these stressors and don’t let them control your life. Focus on unwinding and relaxing so you will be better prepared to handle whatever comes your way next.

Thank you Mianna for these stress-busting techniques!

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