5 Fun Games to Play With Your Baby

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Babies need lots of attention and love and one of the best ways to do that is to play fun games with your baby. Today we have a guest post from Emily on 5 Fun Games to Play With Your Baby.

5 Fun Games to Play With Your Baby

5 Fun Games to Play With Your Baby

Babies need a lot of face-to-face interaction from an early age in order to help their brain develop and grow as it should. Playing games with your baby is a great way to do this, although it can sometimes be difficult to think of something your baby will enjoy. Here, we take a look at 5 games which are fun for parents and babies to enjoy together. You will love to see your little one smile and laugh as you play with them!

1. Peekaboo

This game is a classic, but babies love it! You can make the game more exciting by hiding your face with something other than your hands, such as a blanket or a book. You could also try covering your baby’s eyes instead of your own. Hiding behind a piece of furniture is also great fun! You can come out again pulling a silly face to entertain your baby even more! To really surprise your baby, try popping out from different sides each time. You could even hide with another person and take turns to do Peekaboo – sure to entertain your baby for a long time!

2. This Little Piggy

This is another classic game your baby is sure to love. By repeating the rhyme several times, your baby will soon learn what’s coming next – they will begin to get excited even before you get to the tickling part! Mix things up by alternating between using the fingers and toes.

3. Finger Puppets

Babies will love watching you put on a mini puppet show for them! They will love it if the puppets talk to them too! Using finger puppets is a great way to observe if your baby can follow an object with their gaze. You can move the puppet in different directions and see how they react too.

4. Nursery Rhymes

There are loads of great nursery rhymes which have fun actions you can do with your baby. Don’t worry if you feel you have a bad singing voice – your baby doesn’t care and loves hearing you speak and sing to him! Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes is great – you can point to your own body parts and your baby’s, and this will help him eventually learn these words too. You can also try singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat with your baby sitting on your lap. Hold his hands and gently rock back and forth as you sing. CDs are ideal too – if you don’t feel like singing you can try this instead. Your baby will love to hear different voices and instruments!

5. Imitation

As your baby gets a little older, she will love to imitate you! You can try making funny faces or making different noises and see if she will copy. Or, you can copy the faces and noises your baby makes! Playing this game in front of a mirror is even more fun! As your baby learns, you can try with bigger movements such as clapping or putting your arms in the air.

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