Digital Detox – Help Your Kids Strike a Balance Between Screens

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Many kids are hooked to their digital devices to include smartphones, laptops, tablets and smart televisions. This is a generation that has been raised with technology so there’s no wonder why it has such an important part of their lives. However, parents should be mindful of the addictive nature of too much screen time. Here are a few pointers on how you can help your child take a digital detox from their digital devices today.

NOTE: This post about Digital Detox is a Guest Post by Hilary Smith. Her bio follows the post.

Why Your Kids Need a Digital Detox - and How to Do It

#1 Explain to kids why a detox is important

Kids can spend many hours during the day using their technology. In many instances, they check their devices as soon as they wake up in the morning and also the last thing they do before they go to bed. Prior to starting a detox, parents should explain to kids what a digital detox is and why it is so beneficial. Kids of all ages should know that digital detoxes have been proven to cause addictions. This is because digital activities stimulate dopamine secretion in the brain which is a chemical that results in good feelings including joy and confidence. However, too much of anything is never a good thing and too much dopamine can leave kids hooked to the source of these feelings—their devices.

Furthermore, too much screen time means that your child’s attention is diverted away from what is going on in front of them. This is especially true when it comes to texting and driving, an epidemic that results in over a million accidents every year. Share such important messages with your children and provide them with the run down on why they should take a break from their electronics.


#2 Define the terms of the detox

It can be a struggle for kids to understand when to connect and when to switch off their devices. Therefore, parents should intervene to regulate the amount of screen time their children are allowed. Parents can choose to disconnect for different lengths of time. For instance, there can be certain hours during the day where kids are not permitted to use their devices or there can be certain days during the week where there is no screen time allowed. No matter the length of time, choose a program that works best for your family’s unique needs.

Why Your Kids Need a Digital Detox - and How to Do It


#3 Introduce other meaningful activities

A great way to help ease your child away from their screens is to introduce other meaningful activities into their daily routines. Such activities can include picking books to read, playtime outdoors or spending time together as a family playing games. You can really aid kids in the rediscovery of the basics by encouraging them to participate in activities that help them to be present and enjoying the moment. Kids who are hooked to their devices often receive too much of the wrong stimuli from electronics. This is especially true when boredom kicks in. So instead of allowing kids to head straight to their devices when there is nothing else to do, come up with some creative ideas that the entire family can participate in. This will help to ensure your kids maintain the right balance between their daily life and the amount of time they spend on their devices.

#4 Detox regularly

Wean kids off of the technology habit and limit their screen time as often as possible. Technology can have an impact on how kids perform and can detract from their overall well-being. This is why it is so important to take regular detoxes to have the greatest positive impact. Making digital detoxes a normal part of your routine is a great way to safeguard your child’s good health. By removing the constant need for connectivity, you are providing opportunities for new outlets for your child to engage with the world around them, instead of their device screens. Over the long-term, this will help kids to stay in touch with themselves as well as those around them.

A digital detox is a time for kids to unwind and unplug. When using too much technology kids can become overstimulated and disconnected from the world around them. Introduce digital detoxes as a way to help your kids re-acclimate themselves to real-world activities that are just as enjoyable as their digital renditions.

Author Bio: After growing up in Austin, Texas, Hilary Smith traded in the sunshine to brave Chicago winters and pursue a freelance writing career.  This tech geek with a nose for new gadgets, specializes in covering the telecommunications industry. She’s a yoga enthusiast who works out daily, a practice she began as a teen living in Austin.

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