Lottie Doll – cute for kids

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Lottie is a Canadian company that makes dolls, outfits, accessories and play-sets for children. The purpose of Lottie toys is to empower children to be them-selves, be imaginative and adventurous and have fun.

We received a Lottie doll in exchange for the post.

Lottie Dolls

What I like the best about the Lottie dolls is that they have a normal body-type. Specifically a child-like body, as opposed to a thin waist and huge boobs.

Lottie dolls are 7.5 inches tall (18cm) and can stand on her feet. She has soft hair and she comes in different ethnicities.


This is Muddy Puddles, the doll I picked for my youngest daughter. She loves playing in the rain and watching for Rainbows. I picked her because she has blond hair and blue eyes like my youngest. She comes with a raincoat and rain boots along with her regular clothes. Isn’t she cute?


Many Choices

Lottie carries other dolls including a boy and play sets you can use with a doll you already have.

Here are three play sets I was tempted to get along with Finn. (from left to right, top to bottom: Pandora the Persian Cat, Scooter Set, Kite Flyer Finn Boy Doll and Super Lottie Outfit Set.


The dolls range from $26-$47, the higher end being the ones with extras. Play sets and outfits are $12.95. They offer free shipping over $70 so to get the best deal grab two dolls and a play set and save on shipping.

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