Teaching Kids 3D Shapes with Prismland Toys

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Teaching kids 3D shapes? I love math and I love sharing math with my kids so I was excited to hear from Prismland Toys about their new 3D shaped toys. We received Hexter the Hexagon and Cubert the Cube to test out.

Meeting Hexter the polygon for the first time. He’s from Prismland!

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We donated Cubert to our local playgroup. Isn’t Hexter cute? He’s a soft plush toy in a 3D shape with a cute face and he even comes with his own book.

Prismland has 5 plush toy characters, all a different 3D solid. The character-specific booklet they come with has cute stories featuring the pals that teaches bite sized geometry and math lessons.

Teaching Kids 3D Shapes with Prismland Toys

Meet Pyri the Pyramid, Spherrison the Sphere, Rhonda the Rhombus, Cubert the Cube and Hexter the Hexagon

Teaching Kids 3D Shapes

I think the toys would be perfect from a baby right up to when they enter school. Early on they will just squish and drool on it but as they get older you can teach them the shapes and soon they will be old enough to listen to the stories and finally old enough to really start to understand them. Most parents teach their children shapes but your children will know their 3D solids too!

Personally I think they are adorable and as a math lover, I wouldn’t mind owning a full set just for myself!

Here’s an example page from Hexter’s book. The image quality isn’t that good but you get the idea.

Teaching Kids 3D Shapes with Prismland Toys

The website currently has free downloads including worksheets, activities and wallpapers. The worksheets would be great for homeschoolers. There is also a for educators section which has a lesson plan with the worksheets and your environment for Kindergarten-Grade 3.

I think the Prismland pals are a great idea and a set should be in every Kindergarten room.

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