SoapSox: The Toy That Goes in the Bath

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SoapSox is a new stuffed toy that can be played with both in and out of the bath! In the bath he can get all covered in suds and help wash your child’s body. Outside of the bath, once he’s dry, he can serve as a stuffed toy.

SoapSox Toy for In the Bath and Out

There are multiple ones to choose from but we received Taylor the Turtle to test out and tell you about. Isn’t he adorable? They all have names.

There is Emma the Duck, Harper the Hippo, Hunter the Gator, Taylor the Turtle, Tank the Shark, Jackson the Whale, Ray the Manta, Ava the Dolphin and Scorch the Dragon. I’m pretty sure Tank the Shark is a play on the fact that SoapSox was on the TV show Shark Tank.

Taylor is a soft toy, made out of a material that feels like a soft washcloth and he’s perfectly huggable.

Aria with Taylor the Turtle (SoapSox)

They are not just a big washcloth though. They come with a special pocket where you can either pour liquid soap or stick a bar soap in and then wet it, lather it and use it as a washcloth for your child. No more will you have the problem of all the soap going on one part of the body and then having to try to make it spread throughout the body. There is also finger spots to help you hold the toy while scrubbing.

They are recommended especially for nervous bathers. You know the kids who scream or cry when it’s bath time because they are scared. Let them play with the toy out of the bath first to get used to it and develop a bond, then they can take their beloved stuffy with them INTO the tub as a support.

Here’s a video that shows how it works (because I would drop my camera into the tub if I tried to make my own!)


Is SoapSox right for you? Yes if:

  • Your child is a nervous bather
  • You are sick of dropping the slippery bar of soap
  • You are sick of all liquid soap coming off the cloth on one part of the body instead of properly spreading to all the parts.
  • Your child is learning to wash himself and needs something easier than a washcloth
  • Your child always wants to take bath toys out of the bathroom to play with regularly.

SoapSox Family

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