Cloudb: Ease Bedtime Nerves

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Cloudb makes many different products that are all designed to ease bedtime nerves. We received the Dream Buddies Bunny to test out. My daughter Aria received it as a birthday gift and has been testing it out ever since.

Cloudb Bunny

The DreamBuddies Bunny projects the big dipper onto the ceiling of a dark room in green, blue, amber or a mixture of all three. It stays on for 45 minutes which is the perfect amount of time as it’s long enough to stay on while your child falls asleep but short enough to not disturb deep sleep.

Aria with a Cloudb Bunny

Cloudb has all kinds of other toys, some of which display lights, some play sounds and more.

The DreamBuddy Bunny is the perfect size to be brought with you when you travel or where your child will be falling asleep anywhere else but home.

Best of all, it comes with 2 AA batteries! Not many toys come with batteries so this is a nice touch. It saves you from showing your kid an amazing toy only to not be able to use it because you are out of batteries.

Cloudb Bunny Showing It's Lights

The Cloudb DreamBuddies are only $29.99 which is a great price for the type of toy it is. Even with the plastic part on the back that helps display the lights, it’s still a very cuddly toy.

DreamBuddies can also be found in a Lab and a Sheep. There is also the Twilight Buddies which are very similar and have more options to choose from.

Also check out the Cloudb blog for some great parenting tips.

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