The Smart Start Series

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We all know reading with our kids is important. We are told to start while they are babies. When they are young and won’t sit for a book, we are told to point things out in the book and let them explore the book.

What if there were books that could not only increase your child’s vocabulary but increase their thinking and literacy abilities?

The Smart Start Series books were received for review purposes.

The Smart Start Series

Sourcebooks Jabberwocky has created the Smart Start series to challenge you to have fun with your kids when you read and have real conversations that will help them learn about the world around them too.

The books have a paragraph about the picture and then there are three questions to discuss with your child. One for creative thinking, one for critical thinking and one for mathematical thinking.

For example in the book called Let’s Go to the Market, on the page that’s Shopping With Dad, it says:

“Have you ever been shopping with your mother or father? Let’s talk about the shopping trip in the picture.”

then the creative thinking question is:

“What might be on the man’s shopping list?”


In the Around the House! book on the In the Bathroom page the critical thinking question is:

“What types of toys are fun to play with in the bath?”

In the Let’s Play book on the Playing in the Snow page, the mathematical question is:

“Can you name something that is as heavy as a ball of snow?”

So you can see that these mini books are great for producing real conversations. When you read these books over and over as kids love to do, the conversations will be different each time so it won’t be like when you read Cat in the Hat over and over.

If you want to increase your child’s knowledge, literacy, mathematical skills, critical thinking and creative thinking, check these books out.

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