Voice Lessons To Go CD Set #CRHGG15

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to sing? Or perhaps your son or daughter has an interest in singing but needs a little work? Singing lessons can cost hundreds of dollars and not everyone can afford that, especially if you or your child isn’t 100% sure they want to pursue singing for more than just fun.

Voice Lessons To Go

Voice Lessons To Go is a company that has CDs and downloads to help you or your child learn to sing. Ariella Vaccarino, the creator of Voice Lessons to Go helps listeners learn to sing with a variety of singing exercises.

We had the pleasure of trying out the children’s version, Sing Out Proud!

Voice Lessons for KidsVoice Lessons for Kids

Sing Out Proud! is designed for children 4-10+ and teaches the basics of singing warm-ups in an easy to follow way.

It’s perfect for kids like my daughter who has expressed an interest in singing lessons but we want to get an idea of if she would really enjoy and use signing lessons before shelling out the money for it.

My daughter tried it out and liked the singing warm-ups. She feels it helped her become a better singer a little bit and if she uses it more, it will help more.

Available for $14.99 from the website.


Voice Lessons for KidsVoice Lesson for Teens and Adults

For teens and adults, the Voice Lessons to Go box set includes four volumes, all of which can be bought individually too for under $20 each.

  • Voice Lessons To Go: v1 Vocalize and Breath
  • Voice Lessons To Go: v2 Do Re Mi Ear and Pitch Training
  • Voice Lessons To Go: v3 Pure Vowels
  • Voice Lessons To Go: v4 Stamina

Volume 1 has a half hour of vocal warm-ups and then deep breathing exercises as well as advice on posture and training. Volume 2 works on your sense of pitch, training your ear and warming up your voice. Volume 3 works on your vowels and is designed for intermediate and advanced singers. Volume 4 works on your stamina to help you strengthen your voice and improve your vocal agility.

    The set is available for $44.99 on the website

What Did We Think of The Kids CD?

My daughter liked the little lessons included in the CD. She was walking around the house singing her 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 in varying decibels. It’s not the same as full vocal lessons but it’s a good start for the child who wants to learn how to sing better.

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