Saint Patricks Day Music #EntertainmentHOP

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I believe every holiday should be celebrated with music and so with the help of my brother Tony we bring you these suggestions for Saint Patrick’s Day music .

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Saint Patricks Day Music

Wasn’t That A Party, by The Irish Rovers (1980)

A lot of people celebrate Saint Patty’s Day with drinking songs and there are plenty of Irish drinking songs but the one fun party song that comes to mind is this Irish Rovers classic. The song will remind you of the fun parts of parties you have been to in the past or that you might have in the future if that’s your thing!

Breathless, by The Corrs (2000)

This Grammy nominated song from Irish band The Corrs may not be about St. Patrick’s Day specifically but it is guaranteed fun. The song hit the charts all over the world, including hitting number 1 in Spain and the UK. It also went top ten in Australia and highest 34 in the United States, giving The Corrs their only US Top 40 hit. Give their music a try as it is one of Ireland’s modern music gems.

Consequence Free, by Great Big Sea (1999)

Great Big Sea is Canada’s Newfoundland treasure. It puts a modern spin on sea shanties and folk music of Ireland. The song is a declaration of something we can all identify with; a desire to be in a state of mind “where nothing seems to matter.”  The lyrics about keeping awake all night with so much on your mind and wanting to live without approval are subjects that others have connected with. It’s just a good song.

Whiskey In The Jar, (Traditional)

This song is one of the most well known Irish Folk Songs played every year in many Saint Patty’s celebrations. There have been several variations over the years and the song has been performed by Thin Lizzy, Dubliners, Metallica, and the Pogues. Interestingly the lyrics vary from version to version.

The Dubliners version, which is often sung in Irish traditional music sessions around the world, begins: “As I was goin’ over the far famed Kerry mountains” while the Metallica and Thin Lizzy versions begin “As I was goin’ over the Cork and Kerry mountains.”


Unfortunately the St Patricks Day music playlist is no longer available as the website it was created on was shut down.

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