Cream of Wheat Introduces Cinnamon Swirl

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Do you like Cream of Wheat?

My mother used to make it but she only had it once in a while because it took so long to cook. Now there are instant packets that you just add hot water too and it’s ready in minutes! The newest flavour available is Cinnamon Swirl but there is also Original and Maple and Brown Sugar. All three flavours are available in a variety pack.

Testing Out the Flavours

Cream of Wheat Variety PackI had a chance to test out the three flavours recently. I wasn’t a big fan of the cream of wheat my mother made but I figured I would like it flavoured. I’m the same way with oatmeal, I can’t eat it plain.

The Maple and Brown Sugar version is my favourite although the Cinnamon Swirl is good too. You can make your Cream of Wheat thick or thin, by adding the amount of water that suits you. You can also add a splash of milk for a creamier breakfast.

My husband, brother and mother all like the cereal. My son likes it a bit; mostly the Maple and Brown Sugar like me. My girls didn’t like it but there is a LOT they don’t like so that didn’t surprise me!

Healthy and Hearty Breakfast

Perfect for a winter’s morning but just as good in the summer, Cream of Wheat is a source of Iron and is only 100-130 calories per package. Add a cup of orange juice to help the iron absorption and to complete the meal and you will be full for hours!

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