What is a fairy hobmother anyways?

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I’ve seen posts all around the web for a few years now with bloggers saying they got a visit from the Fairy Hobmother who gave them a gift and then also gifted someone who commented on their post. I thought it was cool and commented on some, hoping for a visit.

I was ecstatic a few days ago when the Fairy Hobmother finally sent me a message but then I was left wondering, why Fairy Hobmother? I mean I know it’s a play on Fairy Godmother but the Fairy Hobmother originates from an online store called Appliances Online and I had no idea what a Hob was or if it had anything to do with appliances.

So, since I’m a knowledge seeker, I looked it up.

Apparently the word hob can mean lots of things such as a household spirit, a generic term for a dwarf-like or elf-like magical creature, a male ferret and even the top cooking surface on a stove. Hey wait a minute, maybe that’s why the name was chosen!

Would YOU like a visit from the Fairy Hobmother? If you have a blog, he might just visit you, but only if you comment on this post.

*Disclosure: I received an amazon gift card in exchange for this post. One commenter on this post will receive an email from the Fairy Hobmother as well. See my full disclosure policy for more.

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