Kirby Puckernut and the Christmas Surprise by Alicia Richardson

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Kirby Puckernut and the Christmas Surprise

I love reading holiday books with my children as the holidays draw nearer. As a multi-faith household, we read books on Christmas and Hanukkah and I’m always looking for new ones.

Kirby Puckernut and the Christmas Surprise is about an elf  who is part of a trial run to bring elves into homes with children to spread Christmas spirit and act as a liaison between children and Santa Claus.

The book is long with many words per page but it’s a sweet story, a children’s drama of sorts because it has the part where you think, “Oh no, what’s going to happen now?.”

It’s different which is what’s best about it. It’s not just ANOTHER Santa visits the children book or the family decorates for Christmas book. It’s different. It sucked me in, like a good adult fiction book usually does but this is a picture book. I was hooked and waited on baited breath to read the next page.

Check out the Trailer:

Illustrator Don Seegmiller

The illustrations are beautiful, absolutely exquisite. Such detail! Did you view the trailer above? If so you must have seen what I mean. If not, please do watch it, so you can see the beautiful detail. 

Check out the Kirby Puckernet Facebook Page, especially in December for some fun colouring contests.

Buy the Book and Support a Cause

Also author Alicia Richardson is donating $1 from each book sold to Kenya Keys.

“Kenya Keys provides scholarships, builds schools and libraries, and creates leadership opportunities in an area where learning is as treasured as water. Kenya Keys has been helping African youth via educational outreach since 2005.”

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