How To Make a Picture Book Christmas Advent Chain

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When I was a kid we cut out strips of red and green construction paper and wrote things to do in December on them (like read a book, watch a Christmas movie, go for a walk, sing carols etc.) and then linked them together into a chain. Each day we took one off and did what it said.

I decided this year to do something similar with  my children but a bit different. I started it late but that’s okay, the kids can still count down to the big day. If you still don’t have an Christmas advent calendar, don’t think it’s too late. Just start as soon as you can!

Our Christmas advent calendar this year counts down the days with a good Christmas book everyday.

How to Make a Christmas Picture Book Advent Calendar

Step 1 – Prepare the Paper

Preparing the Paper to Make a Christmas Picture Book Advent Chain

Use a ruler to draw lines horizontally on the paper to guide you when you cut out the strips. We use red and green paper but you can use whatever you want. You will need 24 if you do this before December starts, otherwise, figure out how many days are left including Christmas Eve and that’s how many you will need.

Step 2 – Gather Your Christmas Picture Books

Gathering Books to Make a Christmas Picture Book Advent Chain

Gather together your holiday picture books. I had more than enough for one a day. If you don’t, you can double them up, just space them out so you aren’t reading the same book twice in a row or hit the thrift store and get some more.

Step 3 – Write The Titles on the Strips of Paper

Writing Book Titles to Make a Christmas Picture Book Advent Chain

Try to keep them away from the edges. My first few were great, but the title of the second last visible one was so long I had to go near the edges. The reason for this is when they are taken off, part of the title may be ripped.

Step 4 – Cut the Strips Apart

Cut the Strips Apart to Make a Christmas Picture Book Advent Chain

Cut them all apart and mix them up. Get a stapler for the next step….

Step 5 – Assemble the Chain

Assemble the Chain to Make a Christmas Picture Book Advent Chain

Take one and make a circle and staple it closed with the ends overlapping just enough. Take another (opposite colour) and put it through the first and then staple. Repeat alternating the colours.

Step 6 – Hang Your Advent Chain Up

Christmas Picture Book Advent Chain

Each night, one of my children takes a link off and reads the book title and then tries to find it in our bin of Christmas books. This aids in their reading skills as well. BONUS!

I had so many books I made a couple with two books so they are surprised occasionally with two bedtime stories instead of one!


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