REVIEW: How to Photograph Your Baby DVD by @nickkelsh

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How to Photograph Your Baby by Nick Kelsh

Photography and Me

I’ve always loved photography but my photos always come out bad. I always figured I’d never take good photos until I had the money to buy a GOOD camera.

I’ve gotten a little better over the years as I learn a few tricks but I still get a majority of eh pictures and some really bad.

I would still like to get a quality camera someday but thanks to Nick Kelsh, I have some idea of how to make the photos I take with my regular cameras, better.


I figured the video would drone on about photography using words I didn’t understand or be helpful only to those who had the high quality cameras. So I put off watching it until it was time to do the review.

I Was Wrong.  You knew what they say about assumptions right?

Learning and Laughing

Nick Kelsh is FUNNY. I loved the video and was sad when it was done. He has a great sense of humour, did not use much technical language and showed parents taking photos with regular digital cameras as well.

Each tip is presented after introducing us to a mom, dad or grandma who has troubles with his or her photos. We are introduced to the adult and the child, shown photos that were taken and then Nick explains the problem. Then he shows them how simple it is to fix that problem and within minutes they are taking better photos.

More About Photography

Nick Kelsh is also the owner of where he offers photography tips and fun like quotes and a caption contest. He has a daily photo tips email that you can get the free version of or the more indepth paid version (only $19.95/year)

There is also the How to Photograph Your Baby Facebook Page which currently has assignments you can participate in. Eventually there will be forums and galleries on the website.


I applied the following tips in the following photos:

  • Get Close
  • Watch Your Backgrounds
  • Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!

  100_0140 100_0127
  100_0120 DSC00538_sq

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