Do You Give Out Christmas Cards?

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Tiny Prints Christmas Cards

I have handed out Christmas Cards only ONCE in the past and I’ve never mailed out Christmas Cards. I like receiving them but it just seemed like a lot of work and it seems silly to hand out the same impersonal cards to everyone (Santa, Christmas Tree, Snowman etc.)

Now that I’ve discovered Tiny Prints’ christmas cards however, I will be make sending out cards a yearly tradition. I love the designs and I can add photos of my children to make them personal!

Tiny Prints Christmas CardsThere are so many different designs and with customization, you never have to give out boring cards again!

When viewing their available cards, you can filter the choices by how many photos can be added, theme, colour, price, card format and more.

I have three kids and a good photo of each of them separately so I’m planning on using one of these designs with three photos. I haven’t decided yet though!

*Disclosure: I will be receiving cards from Tiny Prints in exchange for this post. Opinions are honest. No other compensation was provided. See my Disclosure Policy for more information. 

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