Tales of a Part-Time Lunch Aide

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*Photo thanks to Smithereen11 on Flickr

Okay I’m not actually a lunch aide. I’m a substitute lunch aide. I’m not sure if they call it that everyone so let me explain.

When I’m called to work, I go to the school during lunch hour and supervise the students while they eat their lunch and then go outside with them for recess and supervise out there. Sometimes I collect the afternoon kindergarten kids and bring them in, although that will be different come September.

At the schools I work at, (and most of the ones around here,) students eat in their classrooms, not in a lunchroom like in the picture at right.

Each class has a few student monitors, which are students in higher grades. The adult lunch aides wander between the classes, supervising everyone and making sure rules are followed.

Although I only do this job every once in a while, I like it. I do have complaints but having a chance to work in a school is enjoyable.

I am curious how students in other parts of Canada, the United States and the world eat their lunch. Do they eat in a lunchroom or in their classroom? Do they go outside first or after they eat? Anything else?

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