Febreze Fabric Refresher, Air Effects, Candles and Noticeables

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If you’re Canadian, I’m sure you’ve heard of Febreze. Do you know about the wide range of sweet-smelling products they have though? I was able to test out four different types to bring my thoughts to you, my readers.

“Febreze Fabric Refresher eliminates odours and freshens Fabrics, Carpets and Air.”

It’s true! I love using Febreze on my couches and beds, especially in between changing the sheets. I spray the matress then change the sheets and spray the comforter and pillows as well.

Company coming? The spray is a great way to combat odors and make your house smell fresh. It’s available for approx. $7.99 all over Canada and comes in a variety of scents such as: Meadows & Rain, Linen & Sky or Citrus & Light as well as some functional varieties such as Extra Strength, Pet Odor Eliminator or Auto.

Febreze Air Effects are different from Febreze Fabric Spray because it’s designed to be sprayed into the air, and not onto fabrics or carpet. It’s the Febreze equivalent of those cheap room air sprays. The difference is, Febreze eliminates odours as well as delivering a light, fresh scent.

Those cheaper brands don’t deliver a scent, they deliver a smell. That’s how strong it is. Febreze Air Effects is available in a wide variety of scents, only some of which are Spring & Renewal, Blossoms & Breeze, Powder & Pamper and Pet Odour Eliminator.

Febreze Air Effects are available all over Canada at approx. $3.99

Febreze candles add warmth and scent to any room. They are made with a unique core of scent that helps eliminate odours as well as spreading scent around.

Each candle is supposed to deliver up to 30 hours of freshness. I tested my candle for you and after 13 hours it was half way gone so I don’t know that it would last quite 30 hours but it doesn’t burn right up like some of the cheaper brand scented candles do and you can actually SMELL the scent with these candles.

Febreze candles do three things: eliminate odours, infuse the air with scent and fit in with your decor. They too come in a variety of scents, only some of which are Vanilla & Refresh (which I tried), Apple Spice & Delight and the newest scent Lavender Vanilla & Comfort. The scent is nice but not overpowering. Febreze candles retail approx. $7.99 across Canada.

Finally we have Febreze NOTICEables. Have you tried them?

It’s an electric air freshener that continuously eliminates odours and alternates between two different but complementary fragrances. So the one I tried was Lavender Comfort & Gentle Vanilla. Since it changed scents, I was able to detect it in the room more. I used it in my bathroom and the only problem I had was that we have a very small bathroom with a door that needs to stay closed so the scent was a bit strong but you can adjust the intensity so we were able to get it just right.

Another thing I thought was cool was the box has a small scratch ‘n sniff spot so you can smell the scents before you buy! It’s also designed to work in any plug, even if it’s sideways or upside down.

The starter kit which includes the actual warmer (the part shown to the right) and one scented oil refill retails for approx. $9.99 while just the refills are approx. $5.99.

For more information on these and other Febreze products, check out http://www.febreze.ca/

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