Baby Names

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Do you live in Canada, US, UK, Australia or New Zealand?

Is your child(ren)’s name(s) on one of the following lists?

Top 100 Baby Names in Canada 2008

Top 100 Baby Names in United States 2007

Top 100 Baby Names in United Kingdom 2007

Top 100 Baby Names in Australia 2007

(or more recent ones if you can find them)

If not, I’m compiling a list of unique baby (child) names from those living in the above areas (only because they’re likely to have similar names) just for personal curiousity. I mean I can search for rare baby names but I’d like to see which ones are really being used out there.

I have a few myself; my daughter’s and some of my nieces. I’m not pregnant, I just love thinking of baby names.

Please put any names in the comments and after I have at least 15 I’ll compile them and post them for anyone who’s interested. Maybe we’ll have a vote after that.

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