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Okay I’m trying something new with this blog. To help me post on days when I don’t necessarily want to talk about my problems, I will use the help of www.diarist.net/spark and other prompt webpages. The prompt I chose today happens to still talk about my problems mind you.

>List the things that are hanging over your head right now — back entries, >school work, personal projects, hobbies, or whatever you’re really wanting >to get done, but don’t have time for. Give each a voice and character, and >script a conversation between them.

Mr. Where to Live: You need to figure out where you are going to live!

Kathleen (me): Yes I know but it’s so mcuh work to leave where I am right now.

Mr. Where to Live: You can’t afford a two bedroom apartment all by yourself and you know that.

Kathleen: Yes but how many people do you think will even consider letting a person with NO job and NO income of any kind rent from them?

Mr. Where to Live: Then get a job!

Miss Jobless: Hey you are stepping into my boundries!

Kathleen: Oh no, here we go again.

Miss Jobless: Well if you’d get a job Kathleen, we wouldn’t have to “go again.”

Kathleen: It’s not like I’m not trying to get a job.

Miss Jobless: Perhaps, but you aren’t trying hard enough.

Kathleen: I’m trying as hard as I can right now.

Guider K: She has to make time for Guiding things too you know. Sure Others depend on her too. She can’t let them down.

Mr. Where to Live: I don’t think you can have homeless Guiders now can you!

Miss Jobless: Really Guider K. Get your priorities straight.

*Guider K, Mr. Where to Live and Miss Jobless quarrel into the night while Kathleen sleeps*

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