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Bethel Music Kids Come Alive CD/DVD #CRHGG15

Bethel Music Kids CD/DVD Combo Come Alive is hit No. 1 on the ITunes chart for Children’s Music in December 2015. This beautiful CD/DVD features 11 Bethel Music worship favorites sung by kids from the Bethel Church community. Disclosure: I received a copy of the CD for review purposes. Why is there a DVD you… Read More »

Welcome to the Symphony #CRHGG15

Welcome to the Symphony is a picture book with musical buttons and a speaker so your child can hear the musical instruments or parts of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. What better way to learn about classical music than to hear it while you read about it? Product Provided All 19 buttons will take you from… Read More »

Be Your Own Composer with Compose Yourself

Of all the new toys and games I see come across my sight, the Compose Yourself by Think Fun activity has got to be the best one so far. This toy/game will get lots of use at my house from my kids and even me. I plan to use it with my Girl Guide unit… Read More »

Empowering and Uplifting Music by Bob Sima #CRHGG14

Uplifting Music If you are looking for some uplifting music consider Bob Sima’s CDs. Bob Sima is The Transformational Troubadour and brings a new CD called putalittleoreloveintheworld aka Put a Little More Love in the World. I was sent a copy of the CD to enjoy. The ground that Sima covers in this new album… Read More »

Yo Gabba Gabba! Music is Awesome Vol 4 (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

When I first say Yo Gabba Gabba I was caught off guard and thought it was weird. I steered my kids away from it at first because it was different but slowly the songs caught my attention and I liked how it was different. No soft baby like music, this was like R&B for kids.… Read More »

It’s a Princess Revolution! (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

Do you have any little princesses in YOUR house? If your little daughters love pretending to be princesses but maybe you are sick of all the traditional princess characteristics (dainty, catered to, delicate etc) than you might want to take notice of this music CD. Princess Revolution does not contain your average songs. Now you… Read More »

‘Titanic’ is Back and available in DVD, Blu-Ray 2D and Blu-Ray 3D and in Musical CD

When was the first time you saw Titanic? For me it was with a bunch of friends in high school.  We saw it in theatres so I would have been 14 or 15. I remember going in being SURE I would cry as I’m very emotional, especially at movies and have cried at cartoons. There… Read More »

REVIEW: Daria’s Music CDs (Children’s Music)

Daria, a folksinger travels the world making music with children and helping the communities she visits. You can find out more details about her life on her about Daria page. She loves to empower children and so has adapted multi-cultural activities on her website for parents, teachers, homeschoolers and kids of all abilities. She has… Read More »

REVIEW: Golden Records: The Magic Continues Vol 1

Do You Remember These? Those are vintage records from Golden Records. Many of my readers may be too young to remember them or you may remember more recent ones but still older. Well Golden Records is releasing new and updated albums which are now in CD or digital format with celebrities to read the stories… Read More »

REVIEW: Makenzie Caine Music – Take This Town

Makenzie Caine, Actor and Musician has a CD out called Take This Town. Makenzie Caine’s music is Indie Pop with a folk/country vibe. You can listen to the Take This Town Song Here: Take This Town by Makenzie Caine My younger daughter absolute LOVES this song, especially the line that goes: “The strong ones, the… Read More »