Be Your Own Composer with Compose Yourself

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Of all the new toys and games I see come across my sight, the Compose Yourself by Think Fun activity has got to be the best one so far. This toy/game will get lots of use at my house from my kids and even me. I plan to use it with my Girl Guide unit too when we learn about music.

Disclosure: We received the product free of charge in exchange for a review of our honest thoughts on the product.

Let me share with you below, just what this toy is and how it works.

Compose Yourself by Think Fun

With Compose Yourself, you can become your OWN composer from the comfort of your home.

The toy comes with tons of see through cards with a set of music notes on it and little codes in the corner. You can mix and match the cards in any order you want and then you enter the codes onto your computer at a special website and then you can play your selection. When you’ve perfected your song, you can name it and download it as an MP3 or print the sheet music.

Compose Yourself by Think Fun - What it Comes With

The box comes with 60 cards and a nice little bag to keep them in plus instructions. The rest is found online. This toy is recommended for ages 6 to adult and I would agree with that although a younger child could arrange the cards if an older person did the rest. However it would be appreciated best by ages 6 and up.

Each card can be played four different ways giving you 60×4 or 240 possible cards. Think of all the combinations you could get when you put the cards together into a song!

I REALLY love this product and can see us playing with it many, many times. Especially since my one daughter already makes her own songs. Now she can make music to go with her words.

Our Song

Here is a song my 4 year old and I made together. He called it ABK.

Prefer Visual?

Here is a video review.

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