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REVIEW: Makenzie Caine Music – Take This Town

Makenzie Caine, Actor and Musician has a CD out called Take This Town. Makenzie Caine’s music is Indie Pop with a folk/country vibe. You can listen to the Take This Town Song Here: Take This Town by Makenzie Caine My younger daughter absolute LOVES this song, especially the line that goes: “The strong ones, the… Read More »

MINI REVIEW: Escapes: Music for Relaxing by Jeff Gold (CD)

Escapes is one hour of instrumental music designed to soothe, uplift and revive you. Meditating? Doing yoga? Just want to unwind? Pop this CD on and relax. Jeff Gold makes other CDs too and you can download one of his songs for free on the website. The songs are very relaxing….Zzzzz *Disclosure: I received the… Read More »

The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall on Blu-Ray

I was first introduced to The Phantom of the Opera when my brother’s class did a play that incorporated some of the music. This was back in 1989 I believe. I have never actually seen the whole Phantom of the Opera play though. I saw the Joel Schumaker movie version a few years ago. Watching… Read More »

REVIEW: Paper Jamz Mic Series – Sing Like a Pro (#12DaysGalore Sponsor)

Paper Jamz by WowWee is a hit new toy you may or may not have heard of. The idea is you can sing or make music as if you were a pro, without the big expensive versions of the instruments. You can choose from a guitar (regular or special artist ones like Justin Bieber!), drums… Read More »

REVIEW: Bright Starts Roll & Chase Bumble Bee

When your baby gets to the stage where he or she is learning to crawl, they start to lose interest in toys that just sit there like rattles and blocks because they want to move. So they crawl around your house getting in to everything instead! The Roll and Chase Bumble Bee from Bright Starts… Read More »

(Windsor) INFO/GIVEAWAY: The Wiggles! Big Birthday! is at the WFCU Centre!

I’ve decided to host more local content on this blog. Local for me is Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Anything I post local to Ontario will start with (Ontario) in the title. If it’s Windsor/Essex County Specific, it will start with (Windsor.) That way my readers who aren’t local can skip it. Don’t worry, there will still… Read More »

Avon Voices – Singing Talent Search

Avon Voices is looking for women over 18 with an amazing singing voice and men and women who are great songwriters. Avon Voices is Avon’s first-ever global online singing talent search for women and songwriting competition for men and women. A panel of celebrity judges, including Fergie, Natasha Bedingfield, Sheila E., Diane Warren and more… Read More »

REVIEW: MeeWee Kid’s Hip Hop

I’ll just quote from the MeeWee Website: “MeeWee is fun, exciting, and uplifting Hip-Hop music for elementary school age children. Through the years, nearly all Hip-Hop music and culture has been designed for adolescents and adults. These fans now have children who love the lively and energetic songs that they hear; unfortunately, most of the… Read More »

Art of Fresh Tour

Check out ART OF FRESH – Toronto rap duo of D.O. and Slakah The Beatchild. D.O. set the Guinness World Record by freestyling over 8 hours & 45 minutes, and Slakah is a Juno award-winning producer. “While the group now resides in Toronto, Ontario, they met in the small city of Sarnia, Ontario. Although they… Read More »

Norglen’s Cross Canada Tour is almost up!

Have you heard of Norglen yet?You can listen to them here: Norglen, whose name references the street the founding three members of the now Toronto-based group grew up on in Northern Alberta, have already found radio success in Western Canada with their single “Summer Nights” and are looking forward to building on the momentum… Read More »