Duracell Instant Charger (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

You know that moment when you aren’t home and you won’t be for a while but your phone is dead or dying and you need to be able to use it? Yeah it happens to everyone.  It sucks. Let’s be honest. I don’t even rely on my phone as much as some others since I… Read More »

Clorox Electronic Cleaning Wipes (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

*Stocking Stuffer Idea* The perfect stocking stuffer ideas for an electronic lover, Clorox now has Electronic Cleaning Wipes (as well as Cleaning Spray and a Cleansing Cloth, all for electronics) These e-cleaning products give a typical Clorox level of clean but are safe for electronic displays and touch screens. The cleansing spray and pre-moistened wipes… Read More »

These Hot Men Want You To Touch Your Breasts

*Don’t worry this is family friendly How would you like a hot man to remind you to check your breasts and get your mammogram? Breast Cancer Awareness month is almost over but you need to check your breasts regularly, not just in October. Downloading the Your Man Reminder app for Android or IOS will help… Read More »

REVIEW: Napper Clock from Convenient Gadgets

When I saw the Napper Clock I knew I needed to get it for my husband. He has a strange sleep schedule and constantly ends up taking a nap and needing or wanting to get up in a certain amount of time. How It’s Different Unlike a regular alarm clock, which can only be set… Read More »

REVIEW: Swift To-Do List 7 Task Management Software #blogathon2

Do any of the following describe you? You have a bunch of to-do lists around the house, some are on the computer, some are on papers around your desk, some in your phone or on your fridge maybe. You have to-do lists but nothing ever seems to get crossed off of it You have a… Read More »

Marvel Super Heroes Magazine–Avengers–Comic Books #marvel #theavengers #comicbooks

I haven’t had the chance to see The Avengers yet because it’s hard to get to a movie theater with a nursing child but I can’t wait to see it. I grew up with my  brother reading comic books and although I never liked to read comic books, I loved the characters and I love… Read More »

Road Trip from Hell and Smart Phones to the Rescue

What did you do for labour day weekend? We went camping.  Sounds fun and relaxing right? It did NOT go as planned. The Road Trip From Hell Warning Signs My brother mixed up what date we were going and for a while wasn’t sure if he could go. My dad’s work made a mistake when… Read More »

iPhones and iPads Oh My!

I’m participating in a contest at Best Kids Apps, a blog about iPhone apps for kids, for a chance to win an iPad. First I’d like to state I don’t own an iPhone. I would love to own a smart phone but it’s just out of my price range. An iPad is even more out… Read More »

WFMW: Toddler Keys

It Works for Me! The Cuteness is always coming over to my computer when I’m not on it and typing on the keyboard and clicking the mouse. She’s button happy! Unfortunately, toddlers don’t have to know what keys to hit to make something happen. She can shut down my computer, erase files, make new files,… Read More »