REVIEW: Napper Clock from Convenient Gadgets

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Napper Clock

When I saw the Napper Clock I knew I needed to get it for my husband. He has a strange sleep schedule and constantly ends up taking a nap and needing or wanting to get up in a certain amount of time.

How It’s Different

Unlike a regular alarm clock, which can only be set for a specific time and you have to go through all the other possible hours and minutes to get to it, with the Napper Clock, you can also just set it for a certain amount of time in 15 minute increments.

For example, want a nap but don’t want to sleep more than an hour so you don’t mess up your bedtime? Hit the 60 minute button once and it will wake you in one hour from whenever you set it.

Want a quick 15 minute power nap? Choose the 15 minute button. You can add up the 15, 30 and 60 minute buttons in any combination up to a total of 8 hours! There is also the option to set it like a regular alarm clock to if you want.

The clock runs on AA batteries which is good if like us, you don’t have enough plugs in your house or you want a clock you can use even without power. Although napping is probably not a priority in a natural disaster, it would also make a good clock for your emergency preparedness kit since it’s so lightweight and takes batteries.

WARNING: It’s loud! I could hear it through two rooms. You don’t want to use this clock if you don’t like to be awakened loudly or if there are sleeping babies nearby.

Video Review

Buy It: It’s $14.95 + shipping at Convenient Gadgets and Gifts.

*I received product from a company or PR agency for evaluation purposes. All review are honest.

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