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INFO/GIVEAWAY: Teacher Monday: Cash for Classrooms

I posted about Teacher Monday 2010 and it’s time again. Del Monte is trying to get school children to eat healthier by hosting the Teacher Monday Cash for Classrooms contest. Sixty school children from North America will win $1000 cash to purchase school supplies and fresh fruit for the classroom. Several winners will also get… Read More »

Starting Kindergarten V.2

Last year my first child started Kindergarten. It was scary and exhilarating at the same time, for both of us. This year we get to do it all over again with daughter number two who will be starting this September. That’s right I’ll have both my daughters in Kindergarten this year.* So this school year… Read More »

Del Monte – Teacher Monday: Cash for Classrooms Contest

Del Monte Fresh Produce is currently hosting “Teacher Monday: Cash for Classrooms,” an online contest where teachers in the US and Canada can win cash and fresh fruit for their classroom. Winners will receive $1000 ($250 in fresh fruit gift certificates and $750 in cash) to use for school supplies and fresh fruit for the… Read More »

SMART Love of Learning: Who Do You Think is the Best Teacher in the World

Have you ever heard of a Smart Board? Some schools are already using them. They are from SMART Technologies which has recently introduced SMART Love of Learning. More on SMART boards later. SMART Love of Learning acknowledges and celebrates all of the teachers who have impacted individuals around the world, by asking “Who do you… Read More »

Tales of a Part-Time Lunch Aide

*Photo thanks to Smithereen11 on Flickr Okay I’m not actually a lunch aide. I’m a substitute lunch aide. I’m not sure if they call it that everyone so let me explain. When I’m called to work, I go to the school during lunch hour and supervise the students while they eat their lunch and then… Read More »

Family Literacy Day

As you may or may not know, today was Family Literacy Day in Canada. I fully intended to post earlier so you could do something to celebrate but today was a bit crazy so instead I share what we did today. This year’s theme is Sing for Literacy to increase awareness of how singing helps… Read More »

Did you go to college? Maybe you should try one of these courses….

Pornography Appreciation? South Park and Political Correctness, Oprah Winfrey: The Tycoon (a history class)? Check out this list.

Childhood Language Delays Go Unrecognized by Parents

One out of every twelve kids less than five years of age in Canada experiences a delay in language development. Yet a recent poll has revealed that 94% of Canadian parents of children under five rate their child’s language skills as average or above indicating that there is a potential to not recognize speech and… Read More »