REVIEW: Back-to-School with Dudley Backpacks

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It’s almost time to go back to school and this year we are going Back to School with Dudley Backpacks.

I received a backpack and supplies to test out in exchange for this review. Affiliate Links Included

Back to School with Dudley

Back to School with Dudley Backpacks + More

In some places, it’s back to school time already. Around here, school doesn’t start for a few more weeks but it’s certainly time to get your back to school supplies.

My girls are going into Grade one and Senior Kindergarten(SK) as of this writing. At our school, going into Grade One means moving from going to school every other day to going every day and of course means moving from play based learning to desk work.

Morgan was ready for Grade One before SK even ended. She is SO excited to be a “big kid.”

Out With the Old, In With the New

Her old backpack was smaller, designed for young children and would not be suitable for a Grade One so we needed a new backpack. I usually wait till last minute and end up with a cheap backpack that isn’t that great.

Then I found out Dudley, the maker of Combination Locks recently starting manufacturing backpacks. They agreed to send me one to evaluate.

UPDATE: So it looks like Dudley doesn’t make backpacks anymore and it’s only available on now. 


Important Features Your Child’s Backpack Needs:

  • Proper padding on more than just the shoulders to protect their bodies. (Dudley backpacks have wide padding on the shoulder, back and even hips.)
  • Compartments for organizing items and distributing weight (Dudley backpacks have multiple compartments from large to small)
  • Made of Durable Material (Dudley backpacks are have a hard plastic bottom and are made well to stand up to what your child does to it.)
  • Style Your Child Likes – Kids can be cruel and you want your child to be proud to wear their backpack. (Dudley backpacks come in White, Black, Blue, Pink or Yellow and the design is modern and trendy.)
  • Meet the Needs of Today’s Child – who has electronics and often carries money and/or house keys. (Dudley backpacks have ear bud hole access to prevent loss or theft of electronics and hidden interior pockets to hide small valuables)

Padding on Shoulders, Back and Hips

Dudley Backpack

Lots of Inner Compartments

Dudley Backpacks

Dudley Backpacks

Earbud Hole Access


These lightweight backpacks are available at Staples Canada with a suggested retail price of $49.99

Dudley Also Has School and Locker Supplies

Chose from their Locker Boot Mat to trap dirt, mud and water and keep your locker dry, the Vertical Set-Your-Own Combination lock, Bicycle Cable Lock with Letter combination and Stationary Accessories Kit (with geometry set, pencil case, pencil sharpener, flexible ruler, mini stapler and staples and three hole punch)

School Stationary Accessories Kit from Dudley

Supplies Availability and Pricing:

Locker Boot Mat (Staples Canada) $7.99
Stationery Accessories Kit (Walmart Canada) $15.99
Set Your Own Combination Lock (Staples Canada, Walmart Canada, Jean Coutu, Novexco, Varites Prud’Homme) $9.99
Bicycle Cable Lock (Jean Coutu)$8.99

The Bottom Line

I am pleased with the backpack. It is a little big for my 6 year old (and she’s a tall six year old) but she will grow into it and I expect it to last her a few years. I don’t think $50 is too much for a quality backpack that should last a few years and has such great features. I know when I was in school it was hard to keep my backpack organized because it all went in one spot.

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