SMART Love of Learning: Who Do You Think is the Best Teacher in the World

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Have you ever heard of a Smart Board? Some schools are already using them. They are from SMART Technologies which has recently introduced SMART Love of Learning. More on SMART boards later.

SMART Love of Learning acknowledges and celebrates all of the teachers who have impacted individuals around the world, by asking “Who do you think is the best teacher in the world?”

So who do I think is the best teacher in the world? My last blog post was about the woman who influenced me the most who happened to be my Guidance Counsellor. However when I think about the teacher who has helped my kids out the most, I turn immediately to Mrs. Marnie Stranks. She is the teacher in charge of the Parenting and Family Literacy Centre in our local school. She is the greatest teacher. She interacts with the kids and comes up with new and fun activities for them to do. She treats everyone equally and helps us adults treat everyone equally too, even when it’s hard. If you are having a hard time in your personal or family life, she is there to listen and provide advice if you want it. When kids from her class move up to Kindergarten, she is there in case they have a hard time adjusting.

So what’s a SMART Board?
If you aren’t familiar with the SMART board, you can check out the Magical Classroom YouTube video to get a better idea of how it works and what it can do.

My children and I have had a chance to use the SMART board and it’s cool. It’s a computer projected onto a whiteboard with touch screen capabilities. So instead of using a mouse in front of the computer, the kids can reach up and touch the next button or drag and drop items from one area to another. I’ve only played with preschool and kindergarten games but the video above shows what older kids can do. 

Would you like a chance to win a SMART Board for the school of your choice? You can enter through the Facebook page (don’t forget to like it while you are there!) or through the SMART Love of Learning website. At the SMART Love of Learning site you can also read what others say about their favourite teachers and access the Parent’s Toolkit which has information on helping to raise money for your school to purchase their own SMART board.

Have you ever used a SMART Board? What did you think?
If not, do you think it sounds like a good idea?

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