Using React Mobile App for Personal Safety

I’d like to introduce you to the React Mobile App. Personal Safety is on the second step of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs because it’s THAT important. Keeping safe seems to be harder now a days and when they say “There’s an app for that!” they aren’t kidding. React Mobile is a FREE safety app for… Read More »

Text Messaging

What is the big deal about sending text messages? I’d much rather talk on the phone, and I hate talking on the phone. Watching TV today, every other commercial had a text number for people to text something to them. Either to vote for something, or enter something or give them feedback. I’d much rather… Read More »

Cell Phones

I hate cell phones. They are good sometimes, like when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and your car is broken down and there are no payphones near by. Or when you are out shopping and there is an emergency or someone needs to know where abouts you are, they can get a hold… Read More »