How to Teach Your Kids About Stranger Danger

Have you had the stranger danger talk yet? Do you need help with How To Teach Your Kids About Stranger Danger? You should start talking about stranger danger at age three. Your three year old isn’t old enough to go out on his own yet. That doesn’t mean he might not end up in a… Read More »

Help Your Kid Make Sense of the News

This guest post about how to help your kid make sense of the news is by Amy – @AmyKWilliams1 There is an old saying that “no news is good news”. Today, that adage still appears to rings true. It often seems that as soon as we turn on our televisions, radios, computers, or Smartphones our… Read More »

How to Make a DIY Lava Lamp Craft

This DIY lava lamp craft is perfect for a 60s theme camp or birthday party. It’s small and easy to make with a large group but just as fun if it’s with one. How to Make a DIY Lava Lamp Craft This easy to make DIY lava lamp craft is a fun addition to any… Read More »

Why I’m a Pampers Mom

I’m a Pampers mom. Pampers is my choice of diapers and I don’t like having to use other brands like I occasionally do. I’ve tried the other brands but they just don’t measure up the same way. As a Pampers Mom and P&G Ambassador I receive special perks. All opinions are my own. I’m a… Read More »

The One With All The Excuses #5MoreMinutes #StreamTeam

I have one. Actually I have 5 kids, but only 1 is… the one. The bedtime staller. The one with all the excuses. There is always some reason why she can’t go to bed yet. Disclosure: As a Netflix #StreamTeam ambassador I get special perks in exchange for bringing you regular posts. All posts are… Read More »

Simple Ways to Show Dad You Care

We should show dad we care all year long, not just on Father’s Day. Some toys just seem to attract dads more as a possible connect to their sons and daughters. Something about trains seems to scream dad so Thomas The Tank Engine wants to remind you to take care of your dads because they… Read More »

You Can Be Anything + Ways to Encourage #PlayAdvocates

You Can Be Anything + Ways to Encourage Barbie has had over 155 careers since she was “born” from Mermaid to Movie Star, Pet Vet to Police Officer, Fashionista to Fairy Princess and everything in between. No other toy represents so many different careers. As a Girl Guide leader I’m always teaching the girls that… Read More »

Introducing New Pampers Cruisers #sagtoswag #ShopWalmartCA

Recently Pampers came out with a new and improved Pampers Cruisers diapers with extra absorb channels to help your baby stay even drier and to not sag! Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this… Read More »

5 Birthday Party Manners

5 Birthday Party Manners Your Child Should Know *This post contains affiliate links. If your purchase anything through them, you will not pay more, but I will receive a small amount which will go towards blog fees. Thanks. RSVP By The Date Stated It is bad manners to show up unannounced or to leave the… Read More »

5 Ways to Prepare For Starting School

When it’s time for your child to start school, there are a few things you can do to prepare for starting school. My third child is starting school in less than a month and he’s excited AND nervous. I received the DVDs mentioned in exchange for a post. Affiliate links included. 5 Ways to Prepare For… Read More »